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Toxic Culture

Toxic Culture

Do you believe there is a toxic culture within your company? Can the culture be right-sided when leadership is apart of the toxicity?

A recent study from Warble, a platform that shares anonymous feedback from employees, shows one-third of the employees remain silent because the most toxic person is their manager; or they outright fear retaliation or losing their job. One in five have trouble describing negative behavior. Even more discouraging, close to half of employees that completed the survey don’t believe any action will be taken.

Ultimately, its up to leadership to identify and fix the source of the toxicity. But what if leadership is the problem? This means they have to 'get right' with themselves before they can 'get right' with the team.

It begins with leadership accepting responsibility and discovering how their own actions or inaction have perpetuated the problem. Taking time out to think strategically versus responding reactively is key. Leaders need to recognize their own fears, insecurities, and road blocks before they can identify the same among their team.

Fixing a toxic culture is a tall order for many companies, particularly if the disfunction starts at the very top. What are some other suggestions to correct the problem?

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