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Personally, I don't abide by the tradition of new year's resolutions. I agree, that the beginning of the year is a good time to take an inventory of where a person is at and where there could be some improvement, but let's be serious, real change happens in small steps.

Setting up huge goals can clearly lead to disappointment in one's self when the said goal is not achieved. How about rather, if we want to make changes and we decide instead what those changes will look like day by day in small ways? Small changes that will make an enormous difference in your life.

I have found as a leader, if a team member is at 90% of their goal, instead of discussing with them the strategy to achieve 100%, I say let's make a plan to get you to 91% in X amount of time and then from there we will tackle 92% and so on. Once you get the wind in your sails, then anything is possible. The enormity of the situation dissipates for them and they get 'unstuck'. It sounds small, but it accumulates and adds up in a big way. I recommend thinking small with big habits. Personally, I would like to read more in 2019, so I have committed to reading one page per day. Thinking big is great, but thinking small is easier. And easier is what we’re after when it comes to getting started. Because once you get started, you can build.

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