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“Hire character and train skill.” – Peter Schultz


It is critical to recruit and educate individuals who have the core competency of goal oriented selling. A company that does not acknowledge this vital core aspect will squander valuable resources and cause numerous frustrations for all involved. 

  • Career and Life Coaching

Our work as Career Coaches is to help you be prepared when an opportunity presents itself.
The Formula is to recognize that when your skills, traits, and behaviors are placed in the right environment, the outcome will give you a greater chance of success and happiness in your work. This work is driven by idealism and a search for truth beyond material and conventional goals.

We also support Human Resource teams by providing insight and strategies to help administer exceptional service in the workplace; specializing in recruiting, candidate review, interviewing, training, leadership development and conscious policy design.

Our reputation has been built on the ability to coach, train and develop individuals in leadership and career advancement. We have strong relationships and style flex easily to different situations and projects. Our goals with Hiring Manager's are to develop sustainable and effective talent management, hiring plans and retention strategies. Additionally, we excel at staffing analysis; hiring needs and forecast based on growth.

  • Targeted Hiring


The targeted hiring program forecasts the efficiency of the people you will employ. The better the forecast, the longer the people hired will stay with your company and the more productive they will be. 


Based on the concept of "skill and will", our hiring program identifies candidates who can best do the job while highlighting the motivational aspects critical to their success.


The principles incorporate the best thinking and experience on the subject. My process has a high degree of success, is easy to master, and does not require years of practice to perfect or implement. It will enable you to achieve a higher level of effectiveness for yourself, your employees and your company. 


  • Leadership Development


Most often, the project deals with a specific problem in the form of an underdeveloped executive or a newly promoted one that needs help in establishing themselves in their new role. Most issues relate to the interaction between the person and their work. 


With over 30 years in executive management, Cayce and the team understand how a typical business runs and the organizational structure with knowledge of the various business areas through practical hand-on business experience. 


We have developed skills that lead to results-oriented problem solving by focusing on core issues and believe in ‘proactive’ leadership development for organizations to better prepare employees for the next steps in their career. 


  • Management Training


As an executive coach, we work with business professionals, managers, executives and owners on leadership development, employee motivation, career advancement, succession planning, team building and management training. 


  • Team Building


A team is formed when the goal of the team becomes more important than the individual’s goals. A basic team can be two people and expand from there. In general, individual team members can be developed in one-on-one coaching but a real team must grow, learn and practice together under the guidance of a trained coach. 


We work with your coach to set the agenda and control the meetings, get full participation, gain commitment and handle the inevitable interpersonal issues.  The overall expectation is about voluntary participation with the team. Working with the coach and the team we can change the culture of non-participatory meetings, encourage group participation and enable them to become more responsible for the quality and productivity of the team’s effort. 

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