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"A salesperson minus enthusiasm is just another clerk." – Harry Banks

  • Sales Strategies Development


Wholesale and retail sales both have to achieve their goals in order to have a healthy profit and loss statement. We can help you build your sales strategies to include branding for product launches, assortment analysis, and supply chain forecasting. We provide sales analysis on executed wholesale and retail sales strategies. 

  • B2B and B2C Sales

  • Creating and implementing sales strategy

  • Customer relationship management

  • Assortment and distribution analysis

  • Creating retail marketing concepts

  • Providing forecasting and planning analysis

  • Performing data analysis and deliver action items

  • Sales performance analysis

  • Multi-unit retail


  • Culture Development


Community culture within an organization creates a well-being for all individuals which then translates to the retail partners and customers. Unique and 'people-centric' cultures are worth the investment and time which then helps everyone understand the company values and worth. This pays off in dividends of loyalty from employees and customers. 

When employees are recognized for their value, they are encouraged to deliver even greater results. 


Successful salespeople have a positive attitude about their product and their organization. Pride, loyalty, and affection for the brand can be seen and felt throughout the company. 


A successful company’s culture will acknowledge a job well done. Recognizing the achievement of goals and objectives will reduce employee turnover. It's benefits will payout in increased employee loyalty and will multiply recruiting employees through word-of-mouth.


The employees’ stories about your company are crafted by your words and deeds. It is not always the bonus check that creates loyalty but the bonus pat on the back. Recognition of employees is not a task. It’s a responsibility. 


  • Employee Recognition Program Development


We can provide and or help your company develop weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual goals and recognition programs for your employees. These can vary from simple to more complex, singular or interconnected. 


  • Customer Rewards Programs


Building customer recognition and rewards programs can increase sales by increasing value to customers time and money. We can help you build programs for direct sales and for use with your retail partners to support your sales strategies. 




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