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You Work For You

"You always work for yourself. Never forget that. You are responsible for your own career." - Darius Foroux This is true and you need to think about yourself first at all points in your career. Sometimes you will just be working for the money, sometimes there will be people you like and then there are the people you don't like, but you always work for you. We have one life (at least that we can remember) and we spend a great amount of it working. Our life is the greatest currency that we have, so don't compromise on what is best for you. Every time you are working on something, remember that you answer to you. Bring your best to every situation but don't compromise your value and worth based on someone else's standards. Create your own expectations of integrity for yourself and those around you and then keep those standards high. You decide what/who is meeting those standards or not. Tough choices might need to be made. You work for you. Handle it.

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