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Success Redefined

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

As we finished our most recent project on Leadership, we were not surprised to find that more and more people have realized that what they are working on matters.

The fact is that the quality of our work life and our personal life have been intermingled. Instead of arguing about whether we live to work or work to live, in the 21st century people are increasingly turning away from a compartmentalized view of their lives. The outcome is that in regards to work, people want to believe in the mission, believe their efforts are going towards something bigger than just financial reward. This is why there is an increasing number of young people choosing lower paying jobs to focus on an organization that they draw more purpose from.

What does success really mean, if it doesn’t mean that you get increasing control over who you work with, and what you work on?

Research shows that Millennials seem to immediately focus on using their success to gain control over their careers. They don’t seek to optimize for title, or financial reward. Instead, success to them is to work on a product they believe in, an organization they want to be part of, and a leader they want to follow.

Companies should expect and be prepared for potential candidates to look at their organizations and ask, “Is this a problem I want to work on?” and “Are these people I want to work with?”, if they want to attract the best and the brightest.

Is your company ready to meet that challenge?

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