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Wellness Warriors

This idea of boldly and aggressively taking action to care for oneself and prioritize wellness seems to be gathering momentum, and I am a wholehearted proponent of it.

Everyone is different, however, and what constitutes self-care for one person may not be the same for another. We all know that eating healthfully, getting a good night’s sleep, and moving your body in some form of exercise are good for us. Additionally, as someone who practices mindfulness and meditation, I find it helps me in having an intentional stillness in my life. The things that you discover about yourself in the quiet are endless. Through the practice of mediation you may find that you might need to start saying 'no' to the requests that don't align with the deeper knowing of what is most important to you. You may find the need to practice self-compassion and letting go of negative self-talk. You may also find that this meditation thing is pretty useful. Quiet and stillness can be an unfamiliar (and as such, sometimes uncomfortable) experience. The actions we take should resonate with the truth of what each of us needs in this moment. Intentional quiet and stillness is one way to find that inner truth.

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