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Not having all the answers. Not having any answers. Not being perfect. Stop pretending to be perfect. Care only what the people who love you think about you. Stop having an armor around you at all times. Allow yourself to be afraid and better yet, tell someone that you are afraid. Start a new business, hobby, friendship... Do something creative and put it out for others to see and don't allow the 'no's' or negative feedback to change how you feel about what you created. Let go of how your life looks when you judge yourself through other peoples opinions. Be comfortable with not knowing. Let go. Ask for help. Quit your job if your boss is an asshat. Break up with your partner because your not really happy with them anymore and you stay cause you don't want to be alone. Be scared of failure but don't allow that to keep you from doing something new. Be fearless while not doing the thing your 'suppose' to do. Decide to stop putting up with bullshit, even if it means not having certain people in your life. Telling someone that they hurt your feelings. Apologize. Stop repeating the same stories that you've been telling yourself your whole life that are not based in reality. Question your own narrative. Want more. Figure out who you really are and not who your suppose to be. Lead with your heart. Allow people in. Know that just showing up can be enough. Intention is everything. Change your energy and change your life. Happiness is easy when you know what is important. Love can move mountains. Stop trying to look like and be like other people. Stop comparing your life to other people's. Be fearless in your authenticity. Be vulnerable.

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