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Marble Jar Gang Career Counseling: The Formula

Are you relating to any of these statements?

(1) Am I in the right job?

(2) Why am I unhappy to go to work?

(3) I know I can do better than this.

(4) I work too much and my friends/family are commenting/complaining.

(5) I have never been on an interview, somebody always “gave” me a job.

(6) Writing a resume about myself seems really daunting.

(7) Seems like everybody is getting promoted but me.

(8) I know I look like a ‘job jumper’ but it’s because I am never happy.

(9) I was laid off and I need a job.

(10) I need to make more money.

The Marble Jar Gang provides a self-help guide for those who are taking a serious look at their current and future jobs. Our core purpose is to support you. Your core project in life should simply to be YOU. Let’s get started on that project.

Each blog posting will share our point of view on a specific topic. You can expect to have tangible information that allow you to take “a deeper dive” into that topic.

Every post will contain “homework” that we encourage you to do before you move on to the next challenge.

Each successful step is another MARBLE IN YOUR JAR that leads to taking control of the change you desire by making better and more informed choices.

The basic premise or formula is to recognize that when your skills + traits + behaviors are placed in the right environment, the outcome will give you a greater chance of success and happiness in your work.

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