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I have noticed a drought in talent amongst salespeople these days. Because of it, I am embarrassingly over enthusiastic towards someone who provides good customer service! (Julia at Hourglass, Price at Goop). These individuals are the exception and not the rule, but I believe we can turn it around and hire more Julia's and Price's!

What do good salespeople all have in common?

These three things can't be found on a resume or answered on a job application.

#1 Empathy

The ability to understand what someone else is experiencing and or feeling and the desire to want to help.

#2 Personality

The ability to talk to another human being and make a quick connection. The ability to engage, make eye contact, smile and put someone else at ease. This is beyond 'Can I help you find anything?'

#3 Hard Working

Show up, on time and do what it takes to make it happen. Go the extra mile. Over achiever should come to mind.

My final question that I ask myself about any candidate?

'Do I want to have lunch with this person?'

The point of this silent question is to see if I enjoy spending time with them.

If I do, then so will my customers.

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