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One of the best things in life is when you can say 'I really like working for my boss'. Your life is so much better when this is the case. Unfortunately, It's becoming more frequent that people are finding themselves taking new positions and realizing quickly that the leadership is lacking at their newly joined company. This is generally because of two type of leaders that are holding the majority of the space in many companies these days. There is a large group of leaders who are being put into leadership roles and have never been trained on what it takes to lead. Then we swing to the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the 'older' leaders who are tyrannical in their leadership style and are nearing retirement. The old school 'my way or the highway' group. Either way, it sets up a toxic environment when the leaders take their 'inexperience insecurity anger' or 'I'm the boss' behavior out on their team. The most important survival tactic is to get out as soon as you can. Utilize your network. Call in a favor from a friend to get an interview somewhere else. Figure out how to live on a little less income if you’d have to take a slight pay cut to get out even sooner than you’d prefer. A couple thousand dollars a year isn’t worth the toll on your emotional and physical health, relationships, and general well-being that your boss is causing.

Secondly, stop blaming yourself (and your boss). Despite how toxic bosses can make you feel — incompetent, worthless, lazy, a failure — you aren’t. This isn’t your fault. There is nothing you can possibly do to be successful in this situation, except get out of it. And getting out isn’t failing, it isn’t admitting defeat, and it isn’t giving up. It’s surviving. This isn’t your boss’s fault either, any more than it’s a blue jay’s fault for being a blue jay or a chair’s fault for being a chair. Take all of that energy you’re focusing on hating and blaming your boss, and refocus it on getting out. Move on to something better for you. There is something better for you. Promise.

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