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There seems to be lots of things going on in peoples lives these days and stress seems more prevalent than usual or perhaps people are just talking about it more. We all have it to some degree. Stress that is. What is true is that everyone deals with it differently. But definitely, people seem to be talking about it more. It made me look at my own stress and how I cope. First, most people just want you to listen, when they are sharing their stress. Being a good listener to someone in stress can be very helpful to them. Trying to solve it can sometimes create more stress for them but, its good to say it out loud and then move on from it. Here is what I believe the secret is to eliminating meaningless stress from your life and being happier and more productive overall.

Do not stress over things you can not change. Do you think sitting there and stressing out as hard as possible will solve the problem? No, of course not. Solving problems solves problems. It’s easy to get emotional and focused on something stressful, but in the end stress is pointless if you are not putting it to use. If you run into something stressful immediately skip past that feeling of stress to figuring out if there is a solution. No solution? Move on. Solution? Do it.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

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