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Self Confidence

Most of us aren’t overflowing with self-confidence. Most people are insecure and spend much of their time preoccupied in what others think of them. They act to please others, and their primary motivations are driven by what they want others to believe about them. That pursuit of being what others want or need you to be is distracting to the discovery of your true self. It also results in others controlling your confidence level.

Looking to others and trying to be what you think you should be is a game. None of what other people think about you should matter as it pertains to confidence in one's self. The pursuit and the acquisition of others belief about you only leaves you feeling more insecure.

So if most people are insecure…Don’t do what other people do!

If you keep living like the way you are now, you will continue to produce the same life you already have,” - Jim Rohn. If you want a different life, you need to do things differently. If you want to eliminate your anxiety and fear, then don’t look for answers from what author Hal Elrod calls the “Mediocre Majority.” They’re just as lost as you are, even if they’re great at pretending they aren’t.

Instead, remember that everyone is doing the best they can and we are all basically the same on the inside. Confidence has no magic remedy built on or diminished by IQ, money, age, looks, birthright, physical location or experience. Confidence is based in acceptance and love of one's self. So instead of thinking about self-confidence, think about being confident in your self. Your beautiful simple, unapologetic self. Whatever that self is without judgement or comparison to others. Understanding the money you have, where you live, the car you drive, and the title you have do not make you 'you' and do not define who you truly are, because all of these things exist outside of you and are not actually you. 'You do you'. Do your authentic self. Confidence grows from kindness towards one's self, leaving behind comparisons and worries about others thoughts on you.

Let's stop trying to build self-confidence and instead aspire to be confident in one's true self.

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