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Self Care

Self care is the connection to self. It is not just applicable to your personal life, it is a necessity in your work life.

Below are some ways to take purposeful action when it comes to self care at work. These are only meant to be a starting place to spark your own ideas.

1) Supportive Relationships - Notice who feeds your energy and who drains it. It might be time to set more boundaries with the energy vampires. Invest in those who inspire and support you.

2) Fun - There is humor to be found in most days. Don't take it and yourself so seriously all the time.

3) Opinions - Listen to the opinions of people that you trust and admire.

4) Risks - Don’t be afraid of failure and disappointment. Risk taking is important to building self confidence.

5) Time Management - make sure that you are taking time away from work. It helps to foster perspective, enthusiasm and energy. It will make you better at your job. Promise.

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