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Rules were made to be broken. Most every quote about rules has to do with understanding what they are and then breaking them. It is as if all we do is make the rules, then turn around and break them. Subsequently when we accomplish those two steps, we are more successful. Its a rule. Look it up. There must be a thousand sayings on rules.'She's a rule breaker.' 'He's a rule follower.' 'You know the rules.' But what about the people that never let the rules be apart of their narrative? Doesn't it seem simpler to just make the rules instead of understanding what they are and then breaking them? Does everyone need rules? Who are the rule makers? There are old rules and new rules. Who decides which ones stay and which ones go? I realize that there are certain rules that we need to live in a polite society. This is not about laws or manners but, certain rules that then become behaviors or a set of acceptances in life. Or is it a way to simply keep order? Make us feel safe. In control. Without rules, would many of us have had different lives? Would we have not followed what we thought we were suppose to do? There are followers and their are leaders. Leaders are creating the rules. Rules support a structure of acceptance, understanding and order. Maybe we should just all consider the question 'why' when we think about the rules. Just a thought, not a rule. With one exception. The Golden Rule. I vote that one needs to stay.

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