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Marble Jar Gang Career Counseling: Personal Profile - Part II

The basic premise or formula is to recognize that when your skills + traits + behaviors are placed in the right environment the outcome will give you a greater chance of success and happiness in your work.

In the first four posts, we’ve have been able to start to understand your skills, traits and behaviors along with the importance of the environment. This is the second part of two posts where we will begin to develop your ‘best work’ profile.

This week we will investigate what motivates you, what excites you and where you find your enjoyment. In the last post, we began the steps in building your personal profile. We continue that process by investigating your personal job criteria. You have requirements that are necessary for you to be happy and successful and we want you to RANK them in terms of importance and know the REASON why you have placed them in that order.

These are the basic 4 areas to rank but if we did not include something that it is important to you, then add it in your final list.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please rank each main (alphabetical area) in order of importance to you. Then write the reasons you placed them in that order.


1.a   what you do in your regular job tasks and responsibilities 

1.b   your job title reflecting your level of authority

1.c   your compensation package (salary, benefits, bonus potential)

1.d   your chances of being promoted 


2.a   working for a highly recognized name brand

2.b   who you report to and their management style

2.c   your peers, colleagues and team members are like you


3.a  location of where you work (open space, private office, work from home)

3.b  you are interested in relocating or open to that discussion

3.c  you are willing to travel and the limitation, or not, on that travel


4.a  the hours are you available to work, each day and include weekends

4.b  you require time off/flexibility of schedules for personal time (PTO)

4.c  you take a regular vacation that is mandated by personal requirements

HOMEWORK- revisit your rank and reasons again in a few days. Eliminate the ones that mean nothing to you and keep the most important ones in your “must have” file. Never accept a position that doesn’t meet 80% of your criteria.

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