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Most days are great! The majority of the time we are productive and happy. When you've been doing the same type of work for a long period of time you start to recognize the rhythm and cadence to the years, months, weeks and even the days. Take Monday's for example. I hated them when I was a kid in school, I didn't particularly care for them when I had my corporate job and they are still not my favorite working for myself. No change. There's the obvious reason that Monday's are not popular but, I think it's more because of where it is in the rhythm of the week. We all need to get the most out of Monday - Friday and for me, Monday is a day of 25% reflection and 75% strategy building. Friday's are my favorite day for obvious reasons. Wednesday and Thursday are my most productive. Always have been. They are the longest work days and they are the most productive. Tuesday's are the best days for meetings, in my opinion.

What we can't plan for are the bad days. Those are the days that business is not what you projected or planned, or a project you finally completed and presented doesn't land the way you intended or maybe you're just plain tired. Some days are hard. They don't come often (this is key) but, when they do it usually takes us by surprise. I tell myself the same thing I tell others. Feel it. Embrace the fatigue, frustration, disappointment or all of the above. Don't push it away. Just sit with it. It's important, because without these days we can't appreciate or perhaps even recognize the best days. Without sadness, there is no happiness. Without failure there is no success. Everything would be the same. It's where lessons are learned. My rule of thumb is take the day. Maybe just turn inward a little more. Reflect on what you would do differently next time and how you are going to course correct to have a different outcome next time. Go for a walk at lunch. Leave 30 minutes early from the office. Just don't treat that day the same as the others and certainly don't expect the same level of productivity from yourself. Give yourself permission to be 50%. But you just get one day. Tomorrow you're back at 125% and full steam ahead, cause wallowing is for sissies and no one conquered the world operating at 50%.

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