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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

We've heard it a million times 'people work for people.' Its sort of an absurd statement, if you think of it literally. Like who else would you work for? Your computer? But we all know what the meaning of the statement is and that when we as people work, most of us share the work with others. And further, our day-to-day motivation at work is supported and inspired by the people we want to work with and for because we admire and trust them. We share in the journey of accomplishment and learning through a mutual respect for each other. As we begin this Labor Day weekend, I am reflecting on what has been the best part of working. It's simple, the people. The ones that have enriched my work and my life. Many of them have remained dear friends and colleagues. Smart, wonderful people! The good ones stay with you. They're the ones that you connect with and form a bond that lasts a lifetime. You remain allies to each other and continue to support and collaborate on our biggest job, life. We met through work but our relationship transends beyond the four walls of a job. That's the single best thing about working, its the people. The wonderful, wonderful people! So on this Labor Day, let's celebrate each other. I am grateful for all my friends and on this day with a tribute to the ones that I met through work. Thank you for being my friend! I am glad we are still on the same team! #friends #laborday #strength #prosperity #wellbeing #coworkers #job #work #gratitude #blogger #beauty #beautyblogger #followmystory #thecageconsulting

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