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Luxury is for anyone that can afford it. Most of us relate to it as great comfort and extravagant living, designer brands and expensive destinations.

Let's not forget that time is a luxury too. The really fortunate ones have both. Some people are willing to trade their time for money and others are not.

I was recently in a brand meeting with a luxury company and asked what the strategy was for marketing to Millennials. The response was that they are not, they are marketing to Baby Boomers. Their reason being that Boomers understand and can afford luxury. I respect their business strategy but, I don't necessarily agree with it.

There are1.8 billion Millennials. They are the most powerful consumer group. Why would a company dismiss their relevance?

Luxury consumers expect whoever they are spending their money and time with to provide exemplary service through empathetic employees, who understand and emulate the culture of their company.

Luxury is for anyone that can afford it.

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