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Look For The Good

Look for the good. Too many managers focus on what's wrong when working with their team. Focus on the good and then let the team tell you what is not going well. The ability to guide a team to seeing opportunities is much more valuable then telling them what is wrong. We should all start from the point of looking for the good.

Bad experiences can provide valuable lessons. A large part of this is because it is in our nature for us to spend more time reflecting on bad experiences. We work harder at trying to understand what happened and why. Through this process we gain insight and valuable lessons.

We can learn important things from horrible people. Simply stated, they are teaching us by example how not to be. Unfortunately, inexperience can lead some to emulate horrible people behaviors.

Terrible ideas can give you better ones. We have to start somewhere. Innovation comes from trial and error. Because of this, all ideas have value to them. How much value is determined with time.

Our challenge is to remember these truths in our growth and development while we continue to find value in people, in experiences and in ourselves. What truth speaks loudest to you?

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