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Marble Jar Gang Career Counseling: Job Search Frustration

The basic premise or formula is to recognize that when your skills + traits + behaviors are placed in the right environment the outcome will give you a greater chance of success and happiness in your work.

The Frustrating cycle of no interviews and no offers.

Concern # 1 – lack of interviews

One main reason you may not be getting called in for interviews is that you may be applying for the wrong positions.

· Do your skills listed on your resume match the skills the company is looking for and did your cover letter get ‘customized’ to this position? Or are you applying to anything with hopes someone will like your application? Are you looking slightly over-qualified and they will not see you in the position long term? Underqualified and overqualified are common reasons you won’t get a call back.

Consider that it’s not your experience that is a problem but the jobs you are attempting to land. Try to be more thoughtful in your cover letter and modify the resume accordingly.

Concern # 2 – no offers are coming in

If you are doing phone interviews and not getting an in-person meeting, then you need to consider these points. You may be underselling or overselling yourself. (see post on the phone interview for more tips).

· Make your talking points ahead and know how to deliver them concisely, aligning your vision to the company and your skills to the position.

· Think about how you are handling the big questions. Consider the last few interviews and how you answered the hard ones. Did you nail it or blow it by lingering on and not making your real point?

· Did you do your homework and find out what types of questions this company may ask? Practice the answers out loud. Make your list of questions for the interviewer.

Show your personality so they think “this person would be great to work with “and that means you need to relax and let your smile come through the phone.

For a deeper dive into questions that are common to be asked try this link

While it’s hard to stay motivated if you have been looking around for a while we understand your self-talk is an important part not feeling defeated. Talk constructively to your greatest supports and ask for areas they see that you can improve. Perfect your ‘elevator pitch’ with them and memorize it. (check out our post titled Put It All Together to review your personal WHY).

Your homework is to give yourself 2 days off a week. Plan these in advance and don’t think about the resume, the cover letter or the last interview. This allows you to refocus and you will be fresher when you come back from the day off. Put a marble in your jar.

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