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Human Resources - Annual Reviews

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

How many employees believe that their company's Human Resources department is lacking the human aspect? We recently worked with a company that had discovered just that from an anonymous employee survey. Unanimously the employees expressed a culture of disincentive in speaking with the HR department. Further, a large percentage of employees expressed concern that their Human Resources primary function was to keep the company out of legal jeopardy. Finally, the survey uncovered that employees believe the annual review process is perfunctory and lacking in forward action, while missing a necessary two way review between themselves and their management. Many felt the importance of the annual review was placed on whether sales plan was achieved and lacked the nuances of capturing personalized detail of performance, experience and their specific needs from management. Admittedly, the employees said their own personal interest in the review process was mainly focused on the percentage of annual salary increase, bonus payout and not in how they could improve with actionable steps. We were excited to take on the challenge and our starting point was to provide a new review process. It is system focused on two way dialogue between managers and employees, documented monthly. And it provides both parties access to online tracking of monthly one hour conversation that both parties provide written input. The new process helps answer what got in the way of 100% goal achievement on a monthly basis, while providing forward action to coach, develop and followup on an employee's performance and create a document of an accumulative assessment. Refreshingly, it replaces a review that is only touched once a year, a 'one size fits all' and that can sometimes carry punitive action. It also provides employees with the ability to provide feedback on management. Overall, the company leadership is in agreement that there is value in constructive feedback provided from employees on ways to grow and develop everyone. As far as bringing the human back to human resources for this company? Leadership is looking at this under a closer lens to answer these questions over the next couple of years. They are committed to the new review process and are hopeful that it will provide a better environment to foster everyone individually and the company as a whole. Change doesn't happen over night, but providing space for open and ongoing dialogue with a goal to make change for the better is a step in the right direction.

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