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Experience Is The New Luxury

Many 2019 prophecies have been written and the consensus is: 'experience' is the new luxury. For companies that continue to miss the mark with providing fulfilling experiences for their customers, 2019 will be a struggle. Experience combined with authenticity will resonate the most with consumers who are wanting to spend money. People want solutions to problems with expert advice. Consumers can tell when they are being sold to and when they are actually being helped. Sincerity is what differentiates the two. Finally, experience is about time. Many consumers say that when they take the time to get dressed, get into the car, drive somewhere, and park, they want to find someone who sincerely wants to help them. When they get what they are looking for then it becomes a luxury experience, when they don't it becomes a waste of time. People weigh the difference between wanting to drive somewhere or just to buy it on line and save the time to spend at their discretion. The Luxury Marketing Council believes that true luxury is time. “The luxury of time with those we love. Open time. Free time. Time for ourselves. Time to fritter time away if we damn well please. Time to dream. Time to pursue a passion. Time to dilly dally. Time to breathe deeply. Time without stress or the pressure of the clock.” At the end of it all, none of this information is new but, the stakes are higher in 2019 for companies to either get it right or they won't be in the game. Consumers will make that decision for them.

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