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Expectations are something we should think more about in order to boost our professional careers and maintain our happiness. Managing expectations is a delicate balance of planning for the future and setting goals, versus shooting too high and falling short. It’s where most of the fails in communication happen, be it department to department or within a team. Saying Its a delicate balance is an understatement, to say the least when you are looking at the department to departments like sales to marketing and vice versus. Managing expectations is the secret behind any happy employee and collaboration and the art of communication that can make or break any team. Those people running around at work happy? Their secret is low expectations of others. The truth is that most people who are extremely productive put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. And that personality type also has the same expectations of other departments and colleagues to deliver on what seems to be reasonable expectations given the circumstances and needs to achieve the common goals. That's where the breakdown starts to happen in many cases. Also, those same high performing managers level that same expectation for their team members even when the needs cannot be met from partnering departments to support those expectations. The best of employees keep the pressure on themselves and make no excuses for missing the overall expectation and figure out a workaround to overcome others falling short.

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