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Marble Jar Gang Career Counseling: Environment

The basic premise or formula is to recognize that when your skills + traits + behaviors are placed in the right environment, the outcome will give you a greater chance of success and happiness in your work.


Your work environment is comprised of physical, geographical, equipment, relationships with co-workers and management, forms of communication along with the organization's mission and values. A positive environment will be one that utilizes your skills, values your traits and promotes your best behaviors to benefit you and the organization, in return. It is critical for your long-term success that you look into the culture and environment of any prospective employer.

A few important components include:

A work-life balance that helps you be fulfilled in all areas of your personal and professional universe. Questions to ask can include: do people generally work when they're on vacation? Is it expected to pick up emails, texts or call on a day off? Does the company promote self-growth either in the culture or encourage that outside of the business? Do they provide you education and training that allows you to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of a company whether it be technology (hard skills) or interpersonal (soft skills) that impact your productivity, efficiency, and morale. Coaching and recognition are encouraging to anyone. Positive reinforcement of a job well done will propel you to do it again, even with more vigor. We are not talking about being showered with praise but a simple recognition that you are valued. And conversely, if you need some guidance, it is offered in the spirit of learning. How does the team interact? Look for examples of a positive group spirit that express tolerance and acceptance of all team members. Note how the team comes together, or not, during tough times. While it is necessary for you to have a safe, comfortable and functioning physical environment, seek out working conditions that foster the positive psychological aspects that promote your wellbeing.

Deeper dive; website environment-types/

Your homework assignment is to go back to your lists of behaviors that you want to surround yourself with and those you want to leave behind and write down adjectives that describe the environment that will allow that to come true.

Add another marble to your jar!

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