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Dreaming Without Limits

I am most inspired when I am in nature. Living in Los Angeles affords me the great gift of being able to stand on the edge of The Pacific Ocean or on top of The Santa Monica Mountains. I go there often to breathe, take photos, walk, think, create and dream. There is something about looking out at an endless landscape where the ocean meets the sky or the sky meets the mountains, that reminds me to not limit my ideas and that my possibilities are endless. We all have the ability to have a big idea with endless possibilities. Taking the time to dream of possibilities for ourselves and others is healthy and important to our wellbeing as human beings. We must not be afraid to use our imaginations. To propose the impossible. It's important to dream. As every creative person knows, you have to start by saying yes, it is possible. Now let's try to figure out how to make it real. Stand at the ocean or on the top of a mountain and if you can't do either one of those things, just look up at the sky. Then connect to your dreams. Your wildest and limitless dreams.

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