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First, you need to have a product to sell. Then you need to hire great people to sell that product. Talented people want to work for companies that have a great product and an attractive company culture, one where they look forward to coming to work every day.

A company has a moral obligation to it's employees to have a culture that is positive, intentional and consistently enforced. Here are four good starting places to creating an attractive company culture.

#1 Trust - Many employees would pass on the contest incentives, latte machines and gym memberships, if there were trust and independence in their place. An encouraging environment to apply skills and ideas towards the companies continuous growth and improvement.

#2 Service - Service to an organizations employees and to it's customers. They have to hold space simultaneously. Not sure what to do? Ask the employees what are some ideas they have in support of themselves and the customers.

#3 Hire Top Talent - If you get #1 and #2 right then #3 happens by attracting enthusiastic, smart people. Look at the sum total of the whole and ensure that there is a strong ability for collaboration. No Negative Nelly's.

What is your company's culture?

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