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Updated: Dec 4, 2018

What choices will you make today?

We make choices every day. Most days we choose to do the same thing, the same way and we are happy with those choices. Comfortable. It is said that it is good for children to have routines. It provides them with comfort and makes them feel safe.

I believe this is true for many adults, too.

But, sometimes we don't realize that we are making the same choices and perhaps, if we want change in our life, then we could start by making different choices. It can start small, like eating something different for breakfast and then maybe going for a walk and from there anything is possible. At work, perhaps it is not engaging in the negativity that is prevalent in many conversations with coworkers. Most important is that with these different choices, we have to know that we are making a change and sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

There is never a perfect time to make a change. There is never a perfect time to launch that project, to spend time with family, to write a book, change a habit, or embrace a new habit. Once we acknowledge this, we will get a lot more meaningful work done everyday. While we can’t control our environment, we can control how we respond to it. Successful people thrive, achieve, and enjoy success because they make smart choices every day, no matter what life throws their way. They know their time on earth is limited, and that every choice they make today can impact their future, for better or for worse.

There will always be a reason why it can’t be done. People constantly explain away why they couldn’t, shouldn’t, didn’t, or simply wouldn’t do something. When you make excuses, you are simply saying, “I’m not in control.” But guess what — you are the only person who is fully in control of your actions and decisions in the world. Making excuses robs you of your personal power.

People make excuses because of the fear of the unknown. Others are just afraid of change. Fear locks us in our comfort zone.

What choices will you make today?

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