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Blind Spot

We all have blind spots.

As human beings it is difficult for us to see our blind spots because of denial, which is much easier than acting with self-awareness.

As a leader, it's important to recognize that your blind spot impacts your team.

The most common blind spot found in leaders is the value of being right over being effective.

It's difficult to admit when we have made the wrong decision, but the more confidence that someone has, the easier it is for them to admit they've made a mistake. Some people can't let go of being right and therefore are closed off to information that could help them be more effective.

When those leaders feel 'challenged' and they respond in defense that then leads to the team not contributing. Leaders can, and should be, the example of sometimes making a wrong decision. Risk and failure are all apart of growth as a team and as individuals. If the leader leads by example, then others will follow and innovation will thrive.

One way to overcome this is for leaders to work more collaboratively with their team. But with that comes having to be open to others input and feedback. It takes more time and patience, but is motivating to the team. Finally, always remember to give credit where credit is due and not for yourself.

What are some other suggestions on how to overcome blind spots?

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