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Applicants Are Your Customers Too

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Many companies have a process of hiring new staffing. However, upon investigation, we found that many don't have timelines attached to the process. Additionally, 'best practices' are not in place to support the branding of the company as it pertains to applicants. Working in recruitment and staffing, you hear from candidates that the process is taking a very long time. Also, that they think they are being considered, but don't know what and when the next steps are. Understandably, in most instances it is because of how many different people are involved in the hiring of one person. Secondly, the feedback from people looking for work is that they applied for a position, but never heard anything from the company. Neither of these are positive reflections of an organization but are very common, particularly when it comes to very large companies. Quite simply, it's bad customer service if all applicants are not being communicated with clearly and in a timely manner.

Many companies don't realize that applicants are current or potential customers of a company. It's important to understand that how the applicants are communicated to, along with the timeliness of the communication from a company creates how they feel about the company. If it is a good experience, they tell 5 people. 5 potential clients based on one person's experience. If it is a negative experience they tell 20 potential clients. 20 potential clients that will remember something negative about your company. Acknowledging applications is a basic level of service that companies should be providing. Letting someone know that they are or are not being considered is important to someone's experience with a brand/company. It is disrespectful to not let people know that their application has been received/reviewed and what the status is. This should happen within 2 weeks of someone applying. If they are not being considered, tell them and wish them luck in their process. If they are being considered, tell them and set up a screener phone interview. If you need more time to see if you will consider them, tell them. Once you have filled the position, take the job posting down on all platforms and let the applicants know (that are waiting to hear) that the position is filled. Respectfully thank people for their time and interest. This is basic professional etiquette. Many companies don't realize that how they treat the people who have shown an interest and taken the time to want to join their company creates a culture for that company outside the four walls it exists in. It's customer service, plain and simple.

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