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Ambiguity Tolerance

Change is the only constant in business and in life, meaning the best leaders must become very skilled at dealing with uncertainty and teaching it through example to others. This skill, known as ambiguity tolerance, involves befriending unpredictability and the unknown.

Impossibly, leaders must learn how to relinquish a need for control and sit with the discomfort that comes with not always having the answers. The most effective leaders know that acting prematurely without enough information can often steer them (and their entire team/company) in the wrong direction. Ambiguity tolerance is a skill that supports more creative thinking and the ability to handle multiple demands. The outcome equates to an increase in productivity. Is the lack of this skill what holds certain people back in their careers? It is mentioned frequently when describing leadership attributes. It is also a really good skill to have in life and not just in business.

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