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Marble Jar Gang Career Counseling: Accepting a Job Offer

The basic premise or formula is to recognize that when your skills + traits + behaviors are placed in the right environment the outcome will give you a greater chance of success and happiness in your work.

You have had one or more in person interviews and you possibly heard from your references that the company called for details on you. The next positive step is a verbal job offer followed up by an offer letter which can come by email or other mail or both. Note: You will not be accepting the offer until it is in writing which also means you will not be giving notice to a current employer until the paper is signed.

The Phone Conversation

This conversation will be to notify you that you have been selected. The job title, salary, bonus potential, hours, benefits and start date may be discussed. All this is to enable them to prepare an offer letter that meets the needs of both parties. Let them know you will get back with any questions and will get them a signed letter in 24 hours after all the questions are answered.. This gives you time to read it and see if all the details are as you discussed and no surprises. Example: You may be allowed 2 weeks of vacation but it may be unpaid. Yes, it is not mandated that your holiday time is paid with some states stating that only sick pay is mandated. Check it out.

The Offer Letter

This is not a ‘legal contract’ even when you and the employer have signed it. The document should reflect your verbal agreement and if you need more detail then you have a right to ask for it. This all needs to be done in 24 hours or the offer can be terminated for any reason without legal recourse on your part. If you agreed to a specific salary and benefits and the document is different it may be the simple difference in the language of the hiring manager and Human Resources. That can be cleared up before final acceptance with a revised document.

Giving Notice

Two weeks is rather standard; think about your current employer in making this decision. Is it their practice to walk people out when they resign? Then consider that you need to proactively clean out your personal articles and be prepared. If you give 2 weeks ask if you will be paid. Its not a legal requirement. And if you need 3 weeks to clean up a huge project then get a timeline for turnover. Once you have quit you are more of a burden on your team and our theory at MJG is to get out as soon as professionally acceptable. And in some circumstances that is the day of resignation. Don’t burn bridges, complete the assignment within the reasonable terms agreed to.

Start Date is Day One Of Acceptance

Yes, you may have a 2 weeks before you begin your new position, however at MJG we think the mindset should be that you begin right away by communicating with your new manager. Send a message, every other day, to the boss about what you’re thinking about and how excited you are. Strange things happen and situations change so keep yourself ‘top of mind’ until you are in the chair.

Deeper dive into your acceptance email, check this out

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