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The WorkBalance provides services to help individuals and brands expand their growth potential through strategic planning and development. 

We are passionate about service, delivering on commitments, and producing results through authentic relationships.

Prior to Cayce Cage founding The WorkBalance, her background was in corporate talent management in the beauty industry. Experienced in executive leadership, performance management, sales, adult education, marketing, human resources, and merchandising, which gives her a 360 degree approach to all projects.

As accomplished leaders with extensive field experience managing luxury beauty brands in high-volume retail regions. Identifies, nurtures, and grows long-term partnerships to proactively drive sales and achieve targeted results in competitive markets. Recruited, interviewed, hired, trained and promoted executives. We have lead cross-functional teams to develop sales strategies, prioritize business functions, expand brand awareness, execute effective space planning, and flow, identify issues and deliver results to meet business and stakeholder initiatives.

Obsessed with delivering an exceptional experience to create an everlasting impression. Our strengths are attention to detail, communication, and prioritization.

A reputation built on the ability to coach, train and develop individuals in career, leadership and life advancement. We facilitate and actively participate in strong relationships where we style flex easily to different situations and projects.

When working in partnership with hiring managers, the goals are to develop sustainable and effective talent management, hiring plans, and retention strategies. Additionally, excelling at the analysis of hiring needs and providing employee forecast based on growth for organizations. 


"Cayce possesses the ability to help bring out your strengths.  She uses real life factors to inspire you to evolve into a better person."          - Client (Jessica)


"Cayce's ability to lead inspires you to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. The passion and commitment to the people she works with leaves an everlasting imprint on the type of person that you become."

-  Client (Angela)


"You can feel Cayce's dedication to whatever she does, which in turn inspires you to do the same. She teaches you to be an agent of change for yourself and others." 

- Client (Russel)

  Tel: 818-415-2800  

Los Angeles, California

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